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Goldmasters Gold, Silver, Platinum & Palladium Spot Price Indications:
Gold, Silver, Platinum & Palladium Spot Prices:
Gold: $1,811.50     Silver: $19.84     Platinum: $890.20     Palladium: $1,954.80   

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One Ounce Gold Coins & Gold Bars
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One Ounce Pure Gold Bullion Bar - Sealed W/Certificate $1,856.79
American Gold Eagle One Ounce Gold Coin $1,902.07
Austria Vienna Philharmonic One Ounce Pure Gold Coin $1,902.07
South African Gold Krugerrand Gold Coin - One Ounce $1,902.07
Canadian One Ounce Maple Leaf Pure Gold Coin $1,915.66
Australian Kangaroo - One Ounce Pure Gold Coin $1,947.36
U.S. American Buffalo pure gold coin - One Ounce $1,956.42
China Panda Pure Gold Coin - One Oz - As Issued $1,992.65
U.S. $20 Saint-Gaudens 1907-1928 - EF-BU $2,031.14
U.S. Twenty Dollar Liberty Gold Coin 1849-1907 - EF-BU $2,050.57

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The above precious metals spots and spreads are indications only. All orders must be confirmed and
must be assigned a trade number before sending payment. Simply place your request to buy at the
spreads indicated and we will lock you in at these prices as long as there has not been a dramatic
change in the market in the interim one way or the other. Once you have been confirmed payment
must be postmarked/dated within one business day of the confirmation expiration time and date.
All transactions are held in the strictest confidence as your privacy is important to us all.

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